Saturday, August 21, 2004

DIY Tote Bag and Patch

I made this bag from a pattern in the Stitch’N Bitch book. It is a great tote to store knitting projects you are working on. I chose a light green fabric with a yellow bee pattern for the bag. I found another fabric that had a picture of a bear in different sceneries in square blocks. I think the fabric was for making pillows or something. Anyway I chose this fabric to make my patch for the front of my bag. The patch is a bear sitting with a bee hive scooping out some honey. The bear has a little book sticking out of his pocket titled Guide to Insects.

It came out just how I pictured it. It was not hard and it did not take long to make. I made it from start to finish in one afternoon.


Blogger sailorgoth said...

I really like your bag. Have fun getting compliments! ^__^

4:14 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Hi Tami!
Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! Your puppies and kitty are SO cute! Love love love animals! :) I used to live in Roswell, NM--I loved it there. Where are you located? I love your bag, and your knitting looks great. I will definitely keep an eye on your blog! Great to hear from you!


4:48 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Wow, that bag looks amazing! I never thought to use another fabric with a picture already on it. Very, very nice!

2:43 PM  

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