Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Still Blooming

I cut some fresh Roses from the yard and put them in a vase to enjoy this week. I have ten little rose bushes that came with the house. I do not know what kind they are. I do know they are the thorniest roses I have ever scene and they are mean.

Cosmo spotted this Praying Mantis on the window screen. Can you see Cosmo through the window desperately wanting to play with him? This is the largest one I have seen in my yard. I usually see the little babies in my front courtyard in the spring. I am so glad I have them. Some people pay to put them in there yard and I am fortunate to have them live and stay in my yard. Praying Mantis are gardeners little helpers. They eat many different types of bad insects in the garden. Some times, it is a little startling at first when I spot one on a plant. They are so still and it looks like they are starring at you. After the initial shock, they are very interesting to look at. Cosmo and I can agree on that.

This is one of my Irises blooming. It is called Baby Blessed. This one blooms twice a year. I got this one from the Iris Society when they had a display at the local mall. I bought about 10 different ones that day. They were all around 50 cents. Every single one of them has bloomed for me. I bought them about a year and a half ago and I just leave them in the ground.

This Lantana came with the house also. It is finishing blooming and it forms berries. The Lantana’s flower attracts humming birds and butterflies.

This is a White Ivy Geranium. It is blooming for its second year. It will bloom through Spring, Summer, and Fall and will go dormant during the winter. I just leave it outside in the pot through winter and it gets a little bit of water when it has become very dry. I like geraniums. I use to grow them when I lived in Oregon but would bring them inside during the winter.

Well that is my garden at the moment. I love the fact that it is constantly changing and always something new to discover. I am still waiting for the temperature to drop a little more before I begin my fall planting.


Blogger Lisa said...

You sound like such a talented gardener! I really like the picture of Cosmo with the Praying Mantis. Great shot!

12:58 PM  

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