Friday, August 27, 2004

Holy Tornado Batman

Well no wonder I have not done much gardening this year. It looks like I have the remains and mess from gardening days past. I like watching those shows Clean Sweep and Mission organization. So I decided to tackle the garage gardening area and clean it up. The worst part was sweeping. I even got a blister from sweeping. Who knew you have to wear gloves when sweeping the garage. I hate sweeping. It is so in efficient. There is always a little dirt left. Me I am a vacuum person. If I could have wheeled out my vacuum and sucked up the garage with out consequences to my vacuum I would have done it. You know that commercial where the homemaker says she had been racing vacuums under ground for almost a year now and she uses a bagless. Well I have often wondered if those people exist and if so how could I join. I would take vacuuming over sweeping any day.

Well I finally finished the garage and it looks so much better. I think I will be ready this Fall to do some more gardening.


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