Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fa La La La La

I started up the lovely stocking.

I am knitting it with a #3 – 12” circular. It is coming out real nice and much easier since I need to switch out the colors for the striping. I am running all three colors along inside and just pull forward the color I need.

I discovered a good use for this beverage carrier from Starbucks. It works great for holding the three balls of yarn, especially when riding in the car and trying to knit a few rows on the go. Have you tried starbucks Holiday Peppermint Mocha. Yummy!

Other Holiday Crafts

I quilted this holiday stocking for my Office Manager. She is a big Tigger fan. I did not have a pattern I just kind of made it up as I went. Some of it was tricky and both my husband and I had a good laugh. There was even a moment where I was going to chuck it in the trash. But some how I did not give up and kept working on it and ripping it out until I was happy with the result.

Christmas Stuff on the Internet

Wow, check out this scooter. Dude if I had gotten this scooter when I was a little girl my life would probably be totally different. That is one sweet ride all pink with a zebra print seat cover and a matching back pack. Take a good look at the little girl in the photo you might see her in 20 years and she might be running the world, or at least the neighborhood for the next year with all her little friends.

The holidays always bring back memories of Christmas’s past. Well this scooter brings back memories of one in particular. The year my brother, sister and I came down the stairs to see what Santa had left under the tree. My brother got a brand new shiny red bicycle and my sister and I each got a sweater. As if that was not bad enough, my sweater had a big rainbow heart in the center and the sleeves were all rainbow colored.

Anyway we know that is not what the holidays are all about. Even still I am compelled to send my brother a lump of coal and address it from Santa, maybe knit a little rainbow sweater for the lump of coal.

Phone Chums

I also found these great cell phone chums on the Horchow website. I saved the photo on my computer to possibly use them as inspiration the next time I want to knit a cover for my phone. So Cute.


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