Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Dawn New Day

The sunsets this time of year are breath taking. Today the sun will set and rise to a new year. I am practically jumping out of my skin with anticipation for things to come.

I am so fortunate for the good things that are in my life. My cup is overflowing with love for family and friends.

I will be spending the New Year with my true love. We will be home in our pajamas, with food ordered to go from our favorite restaurant. We will have a bottle of Champaign that will probably be opened early to enjoy over the evening.

I toast to you
“May you live today & everyday that follows in the NOW, I wish for you to live in the moment, enjoy what is happening now, feel life completely whether it be good or bad revel in it and know that you are truly alive.”


I thought it would be nice to share a video in this post. I found this site for video codes.



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