Saturday, August 28, 2004

Felted Cat Toys

Here is a fun and easy way to make some cat toys. First you will need some plastic cat toy balls with the bell inside. Then you will need some yarn made of natural fibers. I used some leftover Lamb’s Pride that I had from the felted pocket bag I made.

Next, you tie the end of the yarn onto the plastic ball. Then wrap the yarn around the ball until all the plastic is covered. Tuck the end into the wrapped ball.

Toss the wound balls into a zippered pillow cover protector. Set your washing machine at Hot temperature. Add a couple of drops of liquid dish soap. Put the cycle on the lowest water level. Put in the pillow cover with the balls in it. Also, put in a couple pairs of old jeans. Check the balls every ten minutes in the beginning. The first time I checked some of the ends of the yarn had come out. I just cut those off with some scissors then tossed them back in the case and back into the washer. Make sure your washer does not hit the rinse cycle while you are still trying to felt. Keep felting until you get the result you want. Once you get the desired amount of felting put the felted balls on a clean dry towel and wrap them up to absorb all the moisture. Then let dry on a towel for about 24 hours. They come out lightweight and make a jingling sound when the cat bats it around.

Cosmo had a lot of fun this morning playing with his new toys.


Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I can't wait to try these! :)

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