Sunday, August 29, 2004

Summer Movies

I love Movies. I could watch movies all day long for days at a time. I also have a ton of favorite actors that I will watch their movies to support them even if the movie does not look that great. I like all kinds of movies action, adventure, animation, drama, artsy fartsy, love stories, comedies. I do not like movies that are horribly bad. It is not easy for me to watch movies that are scary. I like scary movies that have a good story but not the ones that do not have a story and it is just a bunch of killing and silent parts with load noises to make you jump. I do not like the scary ones that have a real creepy visual part in it, like that movie the ring with that creepy girl dragging her self out of the TV screen. That stuff gives me the heebe jeebe’s.

Anyway, I thought I would go through the movies I saw this summer. Most of them will be action adventure due to the fact that is my husband’s favorite kind. I cannot drag him to the girlie movies or the artsy fartsy ones. I usually go to those by myself when I get the chance.

The Day after Tomorrow

This was a good movie. It was about the next ice age and how it happens. Dennis Quaid is in this Movie and I think he did a great job. The movie did have several parts that were not believable like when the wolves that had broken out of the local zoo were chasing the kids around the cruise ship that had floated down the city street. Especially after one of the kids had beaten the wolf and there was meat left around. Why would the wolves risk injury by continuing to chase the kids? Just a thought. There was a funny part at least to several of the people sitting in the theater with us. In the movie all, the Americans were running to cross into Mexico because it was safer from the flood that was coming. Mexico was closing their border because there were too many people. We were all laughing because we live in New Mexico and we would have been amongst those people running into Mexico. Anyway over all it was a good movie.


Great Movie, awesome graphics, unbelievable story and it was told well. I of course went to see this movie to watch Brad Pitt in a loincloth jump around and do manly things. I really do not care for the long blond hair on guys look, but I will let it slide for Brad. This Movie was so good I would have seen it even if Brad were not in it. I highly recommend it.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I had to see this because I really liked the first two movies. I did not like this one as well. It was good but I do not think I like the main characters getting older. I was disappointed in the new Dumbledorf. I probably spelled that wrong. The new Dumbledorf was sloppy and comedic. It was still good and I will probably still watch the next sequel that comes out. In addition, I am inspired to knit a Hogwarts scarf. I just love the story base from the books. I would have loved to go to school at Hogwarts. I so wanted to have magical powers when I was a kid. Now I am reduced to living vicariously through Harry Potter, me and the rest of the hundreds of thousands of adults hooked on the story.

I Robot

I did not want to see this but darling husband did. It was not that bad. The whole robots taking over the world thing does not sit right with me. Although I am a huge Terminator, fan and love those movies. The difference is in the Terminator the robots were just trying to get rid of a select group of people manly one guy. However, in I Robot they were taking over the world. Another reason I did not want to see this movie was the human qualities of the main robot. I hate getting emotionally attached to these robots and crying when something goes wrong. (I cry easily at movies) Two examples of movies with human like robots that were emotional: Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams & A.I. Artificial Intelligence with Haley Joel Osment. Both movies were tearjerkers where it had you crying over the robots. Overall, I am glad I went to see this movie it had great action and awesome graphics.

Spider Man II

This one I wanted to see. It was great even better than the first one. Tobey Maguire makes the perfect Spider Man. He is the average Joe that you want to win in the end. Spider man was one of my favorite hero’s I liked to watch on Saturday morning cartoons. I also was fond of Ice Man & Aqua Man. May be they will make them into a movie too. Anyway Spider man is a must see and if you have not seen it yet where have you been.

The Village

I did not want to see this movie but hubby did. I was scared to go. The previews made it look so scary. Then I saw some things written on it from people on the web and they mentioned it was not that scary and it had knitted shawls and things on it. Then I was looking forward to seeing it. I loved this movie. I loved the writing on this movie. It had great lines and wonderful believable acting. I will definitely watch this movie again. When the movie ended and I looked around at the people in the theater, I was probably the only one that liked this movie. I think the problem was that the advertisements made the movie look so much different from the way it really was. If you like artsy fartsy movies with great lines and great acting you have to see this movie. If you are looking for the Blair witch project this is not it.

Alien Vs Predator

Who thought of this? Of course, I was dragged to this one last Friday. Do not get me wrong I love the Alien Movies at least the first couple of ones. I was not a fan of the Predator movies. My husband told me there was a comic book on Predator I did not know that. So hands down, I wanted the Aliens to win out over the predators. Overall, this movie was not bad. I liked the story line. It takes place in our time Oct 2004. A chick kicks butt in it. Although she is not as cool as Laura Croft in Tomb Raider, she still held her own. The parts where Alien and Predator were fighting I kept thinking of WWF and a big smack down, or worse thoughts of Godzilla & King Kong duking it out. As I said, the story line is good and if you are a Sci Fi Fan you will need to check it out.

Well there is the list of movies I saw this summer. I am sure there were plenty of good ones I missed that I will need to catch on video or on DirecTV. Which ones did you see and really like this summer and would watch again?


Blogger Rachel said...

Funny that you thought "the Village" would be ok because it had knitted shawls in it. Ha!
Also: is your dog a whippet? I have a whippet and I can't tell the size of your dog in the picture.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just saw Garden State this weekend. If you like quirky movies, Zach Braff, or Natalie Portman, it's worth seeing. Portman is great in it.

I thought the previews made The Village look incredibly scary. Thanks to your review, maybe I'll see it after all.

7:18 PM  
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