Sunday, May 15, 2005

Let's Go Outside

Webshots photo

My Dogs were giving me the look. You know the one that makes you feel guilty about not spending enough time with them. So hubby and I packed them in the car and went to the park.

They both get a little psycho happy at the park. The weather here is turning into summer fast. Girls had a great time at the park. Now that is out of their system they are able to relax the rest of the weekend.

Knitting Update

Rowan “Air” Cardi

I have about 3 more cm to go then I start the shoulder shaping on the back.

Lace Scarf

I am enjoying this pattern. It is addictive. Thanks again secret pal for the yarn and pattern.

I plan to take my knitting outside with a tall glass of ice tea. Only going inside to refresh my glass and switch the laundry.

Please don’t let Monday come. I would be happy with a forever day of Sunday.
May your happy moments last a life time.


Anonymous Hanna said...

Cute cat, nice dogs - and beautiful knitting. First I thought the scarf was an arm for the sweater, but then I read the text. Would've look cool though.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Hi Tami,

Thanks for the cute photo of Haley. Looks like they love it at the park! I left a website link with some photos of our dogs on it. That was a while ago is 8 months old. I love the lawn chair cover, great colours.

Two Hannah's (or Hanna's) I don't meet many others!


10:32 PM  

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