Saturday, May 07, 2005

Scary Honey Bees

Wednesday I looked out my window and saw that some honey bees had set up camp on my back porch. They did it over night I guess. Here is what they looked like when I first saw the hive on Wednesday.

I was petrified. But then my next thought was I need to get a picture of this for my blog. I think blogging could be a sickness. Or maybe I should look at it as helping me get over my fears. Granted I am way more afraid of spiders than bees. Usually when a bee is around me I just play statue and try not to bother it and it will just fly away. But looking out my window at an entire hive was very scary. Plus it was only several feet from my back door. As if that was not scary enough, here is what it looked like only 24 hours later.

The thing was growing exponentially. Damn Bees. I know they are beneficial to my garden but geez couldn’t they have picked somewhere else to make their home. We looked through the phone book and found an exterminator that also handled bees. Made an appointment for Friday between 5 & 6 pm.

The Bee Man showed up at 5:45pm. I took him around back to show him the hive. He said yep those are bees. He said they were just Honey bees and not the killer bees that are said to be in this area of the US. He then said he would get his bee gear on and take care of it for us. I went inside to watch from a safe distance. Here he is the Bee Man taking care of the situation.

Sorry the pictures are not that great I had the camera on the wrong setting for taking pictures through the window. There was just a few straggler bees left over. Probably the ones that were out working and then came home to find all there relatives dead and there house disintegrated. Buzzing away at the area once called home and saying things like “What the hell happened!” “I work my tail off all day and now this!” I kind of felt bad for the stragglers. I could not imagine if we had been away for a week when they started to make their hive. It would have been huge by the time we found it. This morning there were no bees.

Secret Pal 4 Reveal

As you know from some of the other blogs that Secret Pal 4 has completed and everyone has revealed themselves. My secret pal “the one that was sending me such awesome gifts" was Heather over at Pixiestikz. She has been so great. I absolutely love every thing she has sent to me. After reading her blog I am surprised that I had not read it before. We had some common blogs that we both regularly read. Also her picture has been on Lauren’s Blog LollyKnitting Around so I must have seen her a couple of times.

I revealed myself to the secret pal I was sending gifts to. It was Amy over at Amy Knits Texas. I Love her blog. I have to admit I check it daily. She lives in Texas and works in the English department at a major University. She loves to knit, and from what I have seen of her knitting she is great at it. Also she has a loving husband and an adorable daughter. If you get a chance go check her out at Amy Knits Texas.

If you are interested Secret Pal 5 is know starting up and excepting new members until May 29th.

Rowan “Air” Cardi

I am currently working the arm shaping on the back of the “Air” Cardi. I truly love this pattern. The top is working in a moss stitch and I am starting to get good at it. I think it really helps that I knit continental style.


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