Saturday, June 11, 2005

Little Bunny Foo Foo

First a warning this post is not for the weak stomached person whom is casually dropping by for a cheery post.

It all started last weekend. I found a baby bunny in my living room. It was not alive. No one was talking.

It was sad. On occasion we have found dead birds that Haley must have caught and placed inside our house. But a dead bunny is very sad. Life went on as usual until I went out Sunday morning to grab some coffee and some pumpkin scones at Starbucks. I came home and the dogs were locked up in the laundry room. Hubby said he found another bunny and it was still barely alive. It was on the counter wrapped in a towel. He said there must be a nest and we would need to find it before the dogs got the rest of them. My heart was racing at this point. We grabbed a card board box and put a towel in it and put some gloves on. While outside we found another dead baby bunny. The horror. I was truly sick to my stomach. We went from bush to bush looking for a nest. Finally Chris spotted a baby bunny. I quickly scooped him up and placed him in the box and covered him with some of the leaves from under the bush. Then we found where the nest was but there was not anymore bunnies in it. What happened was when we were gone to Las Vegas the Mother bunny laid her babies in our back yard. The dogs were not home so she probably thought it was a safe place.

So I went to the front yard and dug a hole behind one of the bushes and placed the baby bunny in it. Then I covered him with some leaves from the bunny nest. I went back to check on him several hours later and here is what I saw.

He was up and feeling frisky. He even made a hop towards me. I was happy to see him so vibrant and alive. I have left him alone since and I keep track of him through my windows. He pretty much stays in the corner of my front court yard. He hops from bush to bush. I have seen him nibble on one of my bushes so I am glad he is eating. He also has dug himself a new rabbit hole. I hope he makes it. He is so cute. It is very hard not to buy a cage and keep him all to myself. I have to keep reminding myself that he is a wild animal and should be left wild to live out his life as he was born to do. I am sad about the loss of his litter mates but so glad that we were able to save at least one.

Next post - A short trip to Albuquerque.
We took our employees up to Albuquerque for the dental conference. I found my way to the local yarn shop and spent hours there wondering through the maze of yarn and pattern books.


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