Sunday, January 01, 2006

Finished Lace Scarf

Finally I have finished the lace scarf. I used Brown Sheep Co in color Putty. The pattern is Fiber Trends called Lacy Accents. The pattern has three different lace scarf variations. I did the simple elegance pattern. The scarf after blocking is 56 inches long and looks good with just about anything, including my furniture. Both the pattern and yarn I received from Heather over at Pixiestikz. She was my secret pal back with the 4th edition.

This was my first lace project and I think I got the whole yarn over thing down pat. The scarf was a great way to practice lace. I will definitely not steer away from a project now that has yarn overs in it.

Last of the Wips from 05
My goal is to complete the Rowan Air Cardi this month. I am trying to finish all wips on the needles so I may start new ones with a clear conscious. If I do not finish this Cardi this month, I am sewing what I have into a bag, and moving on. That should keep me motivated. This Cardi definitely has opened my eyes as to a realistic timeline and how many actual sweaters I can knit in a year.


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