Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Home Sweet Sunshine

We are back from the Alpaca seminar. It was a long weekend. It is tiring to fly out for the weekend and be back to work on Monday. We almost did not make it due to flight delays. Every single flight we took this weekend was delayed. But get this the last flight although we were also delayed leaving we arrived 12 minutes early.

The seminar was very long and very educational. It started Friday night at 5:30. We got out at 9:00. Saturday it was from 8:00am to 9:00pm. Then we were there Sunday morning till 1pm before running to airport to catch the plane. The seminar was mostly about the business of alpacas and how to make a business out of owning them. This is smart because if you plan to quit your day job you need to have a plan as to how to provide for your self with out that income. We learned so much and also learned that some of the information we had already got from farms we visited were incorrect.

Chris and I are still very interested in alpacas and now we know where to start & what to do next. We plan to buy some soon. I was disappointed that they did not have any yarn for sale. The farm the seminar was at sells all their fleece to a buyer in California. The farm had 2 to 300 alpacas.

Blue Skies

While visiting the Northwest Chris and I could not get use to the grey skies. You can not tell what time of day it is. All day the same grey sky, so depressing. On Monday back home in New Mexico the sun came up and the blue sky was there. Even Chris said on Monday he was working on a patient and looked up and out the window and saw the blue sky, he could have cried seeing that blue sky and how happy it made him.

New Mexico gets over 300 days of sunshine, and I love every single one of them. Above is a picture of my sky this morning at 8:30am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the blue skies! We moved from Amarillo, Texas to Central NY. We used to visit NM nearly every weekend and there is nothing like the blue sky and the sunsets ... makes me cry just thinking about them!!

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