Monday, March 06, 2006

Skirt Gone Wrong

Well I sewed up the pieces of the skirt. I did not have enough fabric for the last tier of the skirt. It was Ok and it turned out long enough. Even sewing the zipper went very well. Unfortunately after putting the zipper in I tried on the skirt, and it was way too big. In the picture above the skirt is folded on the sides to fit into the hanger clips. Also it is very see through and I would need to sew a lining inside. It was a great learning experience and I think I will attempt to make the skirt again with the white summery fabric I purchased just make it in a smaller size. While sewing the skirt this weekend darling Hubby asked if I was making a costume. I sarcastically remarked “Yes! It is for mardi gras”. He said “really”. Gotta love’em, or do I? I am over this skirt and I have thrown it in the fabric stash pile.

Plants and Gardening

This is my favorite plant pot in my house. I have other plants in my house that I like more but this is my absolute favorite pot. I got it from the Disney website last year when it was on clearance and out of season. It is a large teacup with a saucer. It has an illustration of Alice in wonderland with the Rabbit. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Many of the outdoor plants are coming out of dormancy. Here are a couple of my Irises getting ready to bloom

Here are some Daffodils popping out of the ground.

I have my fingers crossed that we do not have a late frost.

Diet Crunch Time

"Stretch Kelley" by Lowell Herrero

Unfortunately for the month of February I did not loose any weight. I did keep off the 5 pounds lost in January but no progress since. It is officially Go Time. We are going on a family cruise to Hawaii in May with my in-laws. That gives me two months to get into shape for a bathing suite. I am horrified at the thought of trying on bathing suites at my current body state. I definitely want to enjoy my vacation and not worry about how I look while on it. So with that motivation I plan to stick to the diet and plan to exercise regularly.


Blogger Sarah said...

I have definitely had skirt/sewing mishaps.

Um..could you put some elastic pulled tight in the sides so that it will pull it in and make it fit?

No one would notice, especially if you wear a fitted t-shirt over it.

Just a thought because it is very cute.

9:11 AM  
Blogger noricum said...

The skirt fabric is very pretty. Too bad it doesn't fit. If you don't want to do the elastic, maybe some darts would do the trick?

Sewing pattern sizes don't correspond to anything you see in the stores. I've discovered this before too.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous mtb said...

Your skirt is beautiful. The colors together are like water plants. Try the elastic or hell girl, gain weight or something. It's too pretty for a fabric pile! (i am stomping my feet can you tell?)

10:36 AM  

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