Monday, January 30, 2006

New WIPs

Dalegarn - Felted Rose Purse
This is one of my next projects. This felted Rose Purse Pattern is in Book Number 130 of Dalegarn (Dale Of Norway). It is an accessory pattern book. You can look at the patterns in the book HERE.

The second version of the felted Rose Purse
I plan to do the first version with a ribbon strap.

I bought this Heilo yarn for this project last year and it has been sitting in my stash for awhile. Three black 0090, one wine 4246, & one tartan green 7562. It is 100% Pure New Norwegian Wool. It should felt nicely. I just need to pick up a circular needle this week in the correct length and I can get started. I have a zillion needles does it not figure I have the right size just the wrong length.

#2 WIP

Dewdrops scarf
This pattern is from the book Exquisite Little Knits.

I bought 1 skein of Makula Cashmere in color Enchanted.
Here is a look of the other colors available in this 100% cashmere yarn.

I bought the yarn at Knit N Tyme

I cast on and this is as far as I got. This yarn is so soft and lovely. I think it is the perfect yarn to wrap close to the skin. I almost wish I did not like the cashmere because it is so pricey. Thank goodness pattern only calls for one skein.

#3 WIP

Bridget – Jo Sharp Book Number Two
This is my next big project knit.
Here is another picture in a different color

I had this Donegal Tweed Homespun in color 880 in my stash. It has been there for at least 8 months. I originally bought it for a pattern in one of my Vogue issues. I decided I would rather make Bridget with this yarn. Lesson learned: Don’t go crazy and buy a ton of yarn that is going to sit in your stash so long you decide you no longer want to make the pattern it was originally bought for. This yarn will have a happy ending but looking at my stash, I definitely am cutting back on my yarn purchases. In fact I plan to knit mostly from my stash this entire year. Of course there will be exceptions. 8)

I am in love with this sweater. I think it should be a good challenge for me I made a swatch and checked my gauge. It looks like I am right on target. I believe this yarn will do nicely for the pattern.

Thank You
I wanted to thank every one for the e-mails and the comments on the Rowan Air Cardi.
You guys are the best.
- Next post DIET update.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Completed Rowan "Air"

I have completed my Rowan “Air” Cardi
Please disregard the fact I did not put any make-up on or that I am wearing sweats. That is the downfall of taking your own photo you do not have that other person to give you feed back.

It took 8 balls of Rowan calmer in color Drift 460
Pattern from Rowan Calmer Collection.
Cast on for “Air” in March of 05 completed January of 06 (sad I know)

This was a fun knit. The only problems I had with the pattern were when I read it incorrectly. Calmer is a beautiful soft yarn and a joy to knit with. It is very light weight and if you want more structure I would go with a heavier yarn.

This Cardi is very soft and comfortable. It is not heavy enough to get you through a snow storm but perfect for the cool summer night to slip over a summer dress or tank top.

Overall a great experience to knit this beautiful pattern. Although I think next time I do a sweater I will pick a pattern that has more coverage and warmth. Since it took me so long to knit this I think my next sweater knit should be something I feel I will get a lot of wear out of.

I am very happy to have completed the last of my 05 wips and am proud to say I have nothing on the needles. So what am I doing writing this post. I must immediately run to my stash and get something started. Ah the joy of new projects. GOTTA GO!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Working on Air

Last weekend I was able to get a lot done on the Rowan “Air Cardi. I have completed one back, 2 sleeves and 2 sides. I have cast on for the collar. While working the Left front I realized I completed the Right front incompletely. So I had to rip it out to the beginning of the neck shaping and redo it. I must have got in to big a hurry when I did it the first time. I just have the collar & two pockets to knit. Then I need to block pieces and sew it all together.

Here is the buttons I bought to go on the Cardi.

They are Dale of Norway pewter buttons. This one is called “Baby Fana”. I found them at Bea Ellis Knitwear. They have a great selection of buttons and clasps.

Movie Reviews

Million Dollar Baby
Hubby and I caught this movie on HBO the other night. We both had not seen it yet. I will first say I will never watch this movie again. I cried through the whole last hour of the movie. Then I cried for a good while after the movie was over.

The movie topic did not appeal to me and that is why I probably had not seen it yet. But since it was an Oscar winner, and had such a great cast I watched it. Obviously it was good otherwise it would not have affected me so. For starters I am an optimist and the movie gave me no way out. The whole last hour I was thinking this will turn out OK. It did not. Also I think it was hard for me because what happened to her would be the worst that could happen to someone.

The Shipping News
I rented this from Netflix. This movie is an adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by E. Annie Proulx. This movie came out in 2001, where was I. This book is on my list of books to read but just have not got to it yet.

The description is “Distraught after the disappearance of his estranged wife, Quoyle's (Kevin Spacey) long-lost aunt (Judi Dench) convinces him to move with his daughter to their ancestral home in Newfoundland. Here, where life is rough and secrets are many, Quoyle lands a job as a reporter for the local paper. Now, a past is emerging, a mystery is unfolding and life is awakening.”

I liked it and wished I had read the book. I still might. Very interesting movie, I love stories when people make a new start and evolve into a better existence that makes them happy.

Doctor Zhivago 2002
This was made as a British miniseries created for television. It is the remake of the classic 1965 film that was based on the novel by Boris Pasternak. I never saw the original. I like the long two disk movies, One can get a lot of knitting done while watching these epic movies.

This story takes place during the Russian revolution. It is about a Russian physician-poet whose life is changed by the revolution. What a great juicy story. I think I might rent the original movie it has great reviews also.

What is Mine is Mine, What is yours is Mine Too

Haley is the sibling that hordes all the toys and won’t let others play. Haley will be playing with a toy. Brandy will go over to the toy box and pick something out to play with, and Haley will immediately run over and want to play with it too. Eventually Haley steals it from Brandy. It is rough living with siblings there is always something about them that annoys you.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Anyone Else On a Diet?

Webshots Photo

Yea I’m Cranky what about it. For those of you looking for an uplifting post I would skip this post all together. I just need to bitch a little or maybe a lot.

Ok I joined the millions of people and started a diet for the new year. I worked out twice this week and have eaten healthy smaller portions. Hubby is kind of on a diet too, but he had a piece of chocolate yesterday. DON’T GET ME STARTED! Anyway I just need to deal with myself. Ok where was I, Geez I can not even think straight. I feel horrible. Maybe I should have thought about how hard this was going to be when I was piling on the turkey plate with all the trimmings 4 days in a row with a piece of pie to boot. All the while thinking I better get it all in because starting next year I am starting healthier habits.

Anyway I do not want to spend too much time talking about dieting, frankly it is depressing and not many people like to read about it. So I plan to maybe do a monthly update just to keep myself on track and accountable.

Tax Hell
Anyone else in tax hell? January turns out is my worst month for the business. I am in the middle of filing my December stuff, My 4th Quarter stuff and my end of year crap. On top of it I am getting all the expenses and receipts etc ready to file my business federal taxes. My goal is to get it all done by the third week of January. Perhaps the added stress will help me loose weight?

Maxine cartoon

My only Sanity
Of course is knitting. It always relaxes me and helps me to not focus on the million things going on in my life. I sat down last night after dinner and a very long day and worked on the Rowan Air Cardi. My headache went away and I was able to go to sleep last night with a clear head. I even got excited thinking about what big project I would cast on for after finishing the Cardi.

So if January is turning out to be a challenge to your psyche, hang in there February will be here soon enough. It will be all Roses and pink hearts RIGHT!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Finished Lace Scarf

Finally I have finished the lace scarf. I used Brown Sheep Co in color Putty. The pattern is Fiber Trends called Lacy Accents. The pattern has three different lace scarf variations. I did the simple elegance pattern. The scarf after blocking is 56 inches long and looks good with just about anything, including my furniture. Both the pattern and yarn I received from Heather over at Pixiestikz. She was my secret pal back with the 4th edition.

This was my first lace project and I think I got the whole yarn over thing down pat. The scarf was a great way to practice lace. I will definitely not steer away from a project now that has yarn overs in it.

Last of the Wips from 05
My goal is to complete the Rowan Air Cardi this month. I am trying to finish all wips on the needles so I may start new ones with a clear conscious. If I do not finish this Cardi this month, I am sewing what I have into a bag, and moving on. That should keep me motivated. This Cardi definitely has opened my eyes as to a realistic timeline and how many actual sweaters I can knit in a year.