Monday, July 25, 2005

Break for the Summer

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It is time for me to take a break from blogging. I have a lot going on with our business. I am currently working on getting set up to do my part of the business from home. I am hoping to be finished by Fall.

Also when I first started this blog in August of 04 it was a challenge and it was exciting and new. I enjoy learning new things and trying new things. At this point I am a little bored with it and not very inspired as I once was. I think that maybe after this break I might try one of the other servers like Typepad. Many of the blogs I enjoy reading use Typepad as their server.

What will I be up to during my blogging break?
I plan to do lots of living. I plan to work real hard and play just as hard, with lots of knitting on the side. I am starting to feel a quilting bug coming on. Perhaps I will design and start a new quilt this year.

I want to thank all of you for reading and commenting on my blog. It means a lot to me that I put myself out there and I got a response. I wish you all lots of Love and Happiness.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Stash Buster

Looking for a quick way to clean out your stash of yarn, look no further I have an answer for you.

OK I said I had an answer not THE answer.
I found this chair at It actually retails at $4,293.
It is the Vermelha chair designed by F. and H. Campana.

I think Cosmo would love this chair actually it might drive him crazy. I think it would give me nightmares. I would start dreaming about all my nice neat balls of yarn coming unraveled and making a large impossible knot. The HORROR!

On to the Knitting Update

Here is the lovely Rowan “Air” cardi.

Finished the back & Left front. I started one sleeve and am about half way done. I am not really on Sleeve Island; I like to think I am on the sleeve peninsula. It needs some serious blocking. Also the lighting is not that great to really show the details of the stitches.

Here is the awesome Rowan “Moira” bag

I have finished the first of the pattern repeat. I believe I need to do these 31 rows another 2 ½ more times to finish the bag. This is my first real Fair Isle knitting project and I have to tell you I really like it. I enjoy it so much more than intarsia. I will definitely do more Fair Isle patterns.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


My first love of writing started with poetry. As a kid I would often write poems to express what I was feeling or going through at the time. I was always on the look out for good poetry that had a way with words that touched me or made me feel something. I recently came across a poet that is worth mentioning if you have not heard of her and am a closet poet. Take a look at some of her work.

Her name is Kim Addonizio. She has published a handful of poetry books and just recently published a novel.

Here is one of the poems I like by Kim Addonizio. It is from her poetry book titled Tell Me.

“What do You Want?” by Kim Addonizo

I want a red dress.
I want it flimsy and cheap.
I want it tight. I want to wear it
until someone tears it off me.
I want it sleeveless and backless,
this dress, so no one has to guess
what’s underneath. I want to walk down
the street past Thrifty’s and the hardware store
with all those keys glittering in the window,
past Mr. and Mrs. Wong selling day-old
donuts in their cafe, past the Guerra brothers
slinging pigs from the truck and onto the dolly,
hoisting the slick snouts over their shoulders.
I want to walk like I’m the only
Woman on earth and I can have my pick.
I want that red dress bad.
I want it to confirm
your worst fears about me,
To show you how little I care about you
or anything except what
I want. When I find it, I’ll pull that garment
from its hanger like I’m choosing a body
to carry me into this world, through
the birth-cries and the love-cries too,
and I’ll wear it like bones, like skin,
it’ll be the goddamned
dress they bury me in.

For more info on Kim Addonizio and her books check out her website here.
Have a great week.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Birthdays & Anniversaries

July 7th was my 6 year wedding anniversary. Hubby and I have actually been together 12 years and married 6 of them. We moved in together about three months after we started dating and have been together ever since.

We were married in Jamaica. I decided I would rather spend the money that we got for the wedding on the honeymoon so we did the destination wedding thing. We booked a week at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica and they provided the wedding for free. This worked out great at the time because we were both in college and short of funds.

I bought my dress used and had it altered the way I wanted it. My main criteria for the dress was it had to have a huge puffy skirt like Cinderella. I wanted it so puffy that if I started to twirl I could lift off the ground. I love the dress and would not have preferred any other. I wore platform tennis shoes with blue socks that had cats on them. That was my something blue. My husband is over a foot taller than me so I needed height but there was no way I could do the 6 inch heels. The tennis shoes were more my speed. For my something borrowed my MIL let me where a set of pearls she had.

My MIL and my Step Mom were witnesses to the wedding. We told all family members they were welcome to come to the wedding the only thing was that no one was aloud to stay at the same resort as us. I walked myself down the aisle and that is the way I had it planned from day one. I felt that I alone had gotten to this place in my life and no man not even my Father had any right to give me away. It was a private moment for me that most were not aware of but it felt real good to walk alone to meet my husband at the end of the row.

Our wedding was wonderful and perfect for the type of people we are. We preferred to have a small short wedding and a nice long honeymoon. We left our honeymoon and came home as husband and wife well rested and with no debt from the wedding.

I think that the reason why hubby and I are still together is because we have an appreciation for one another and do not take each other for granted. Of course there is the love but you really need more than that to be together for 12 years.

My Gift
This year is definitely one of the best anniversary gifts I have ever gotten. Of course the best gifts are the ones from my five year plan. I made an arrangement with my husband back when we got married that every five years we have been married on that anniversary I will receive some kind of jewelry. I thought this was a brilliant plan and think more women should have this arrangement. Anyway lets get to this year.

This year hubby bought me this beautiful Mexican Hutch.
I Love this Thing. Guess what I am putting in it? My STASH of course. It is my new knitting cabinet. I will put all my books, notions, and yarn all in one place. I just love all the drawers and storage space. The glass doors on the top are a plus so I can keep the dust off and still be able to see my books and stuff. I went out and bought a couple of baskets at Pier 1 Imports (conveniently they were having a 40% off sale on most of their wicker baskets) to organize the cabinet. This is one of those pieces of furniture I think I will have forever. Hubby gets a gold star for this present.

Haley’s Birthday

Haley’s birthday was on the 1st of July. She is now three years old. She is a cutie potootie. Her day was pretty much the same as any day accept for the fact I kept getting her revved up telling her it was her birthday. This weekend I am thinking of taking her to the new Petsmart that just opened in our town so she can pick out something for her birthday.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Scorching Heat

I can not be held accountable for anything I write in this post because I am melting as we speak. Unfortunately I am not the Wicked Witch of the East and do not deserve it.

Here is the temperature reading outside in the shade. Yes it says around 105 degrees. The forecast for today was lots of sun and a high of 106. The forecast for the rest of the holiday weekend is much of the same scorching heat with little to no rain to ever come in the future.

I thought I would try to fry an egg out front on the asphalt. It was really starting to cook and then all of a sudden it just evaporated into thin air. Just kidding it was taking a long time so I thought I would write this post and then by the time I was done it would be ready to flip over.

I hope everyone stays cool this weekend and has a wonderful time doing whatever it is you enjoy. I plan to go to the movies this weekend and see War of the Worlds. I also plan to do lots of knitting of course. Maybe I will get a kiddy pool to put my feet in while I knit and sip on an ice cold margarita. Now that is a vacation baby!